Baby house #1

for children with organic lesions of the central nervous system and psyche

Minsk, avenue gazety "Pravda", 32

8 (017) 396-39-79


e-mail: 8 (017) 396-39-79 Minsk, avenue gazety "Pravda", 32



Priority forms of living arrangements for orphans and children, children left without parental care are:
- adoption (adoption);
- guardianship, foster family;
- family-type orphanage.

For advice on the establishment of foster families, family-type children's home should contact the guardianship authority of the place of registration.

On adoption, guardianship health institution pupils "Children's Home № 1 for children with organic lesions of the central nervous system and psyche," it is necessary to apply to the education sector for the protection of the Moscow district administration management of childhood Minsk at:
Minsk, street Alibegova , house 19,
for more information call: (017) 272-54-76, (017) 297-66-21,
visiting days: 
Monday 8:00 - 13:00 
Thursday 16:00 - 18:00 
duty specialist 20: 00

Advice on all matters of adoption (adoption) can be obtained from the National Adoption Center of the Ministry of Education of the Republic of Belarus at Minsk, st. Platonov, 22
tel. / Fax: + (37517) 284-71-51, + (37517) 331-06-17
, or go to the center of the site link



Due to incoming requests for information concerning the adoption of the secrets of (adoption) to announce that the disclosure of the secret of adoption is regulated by Article 136 of the Code on Marriage and Family of the Republic of Belarus "the confidentiality of adoption."

Child adoption is protected by law.

The court that issued the decision to adopt a child, officials who carried out the registration of adoption, as well as persons who otherwise knowledgeable about adoption are required to maintain the secrecy of adoption of a child.

To report any information, as well as to give a copy of the court decision, the documents and (or) reference, containing information from the records of civil status, of which it would be seen that the adoptive parents are not the biological parents of the adopted without the consent of the adoptive parents, and if they death - without the consent of the guardianship authorities is prohibited.

The persons referred to in the second part of this article, to divulge the secret of adoption of a child against the will of his adoptive parents, prosecuted in accordance with the legislation of the Republic of Belarus.

The adopted child reaches the age of majority, or in the case of capacity acquisition in full the right to receive information relating to its adoption, the court issued the decision to adopt a child, the body registering the acts of civil status, in the act of recording a finding place of adoption or the guardianship authorities for place of residence of the adoptive parents.

prior to September 1, 1999 adoption (adoption) by a decision of the local executive committees, with September 1, 1999 - by the courts.
For further decision of the local executive administrative body of the disclosure of the secret of adoption, please contact the guardianship authorities at their place of residence.

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